Recording History



Here are a mixture of full albums and EPs with free sample songs from each as well as being available to buy as downloads or CDs in some cases.

Independent Albums

Late Life Believer 2018/19

Wanting to achieve a more organic sound with no digital sounds this 12 song album was recorded at Hebden Bridge Studios Linden Mill Hebden. The songs are a mixture of written by Martin, co writes and one cover of a Welsh song written by Catrin Gerallt who also co wrote a couple of the other songs. It is a mixture of styles from r’n’b, jazz influenced and folk with top local vocalists including Steve Tilston,, and Des Horsfall,

Notes on Desire 1996

After Companion Gal which, though released, was overtaken by the fact that BMG bought RCA and the lesser known artists were deleted from their plans. So the DIY approach was taken and based on a live band that was working the arts centre circuit during the 90’s this 15 song album was recorded. Again all the original songs were co written by Martin and Helen, 

There are also a couple of interesting reworkings of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday songs. Produced and arranged by Martin and Helen.

Major Label Albums

Companion Gal 1992

After the EMI deal Helen Watson got a deal with RCA and this 12 song album was recorded at Rockfield Studios Monmouthshire produced by Bob Andrews, best know as producer of the La’s –

Again Martin co-wrote all but one of the songs with Helen. Andy Fairweather Low, featured more on this album and Martin and Andy featured on the acoustic track Manners.

The Weather Inside 1989

A speedy follow up to Blue Slipper recorded again at A&M Studios this 11 song album had the same production team and set of players as Blue Slipper with the addition of

Andy Fairweather Low –

Bernie Leadon, – – Eagles

Blue Slipper 1987

Martin co-wrote all the songs with record artist Helen Watson on this her debut album and the first of the four albums they wrote together.

Recorded at A&M Studios Los Angeles one of the many pleasures of being involved in this project was to meet and hear an A list of West Coast based musicians such as:

Steve Lukather – – Toto axeman

Michael Landau – – Joni Mitchell guitarist

Bill Payne – – keyboards Little Feat

Richie Hayward – – drummer Little Feat and Robert Plant

Paul Barrere – – guitarist Little Feat

Jerry Donahue – – guitarist Joan Armatrading

George Hawkins –

Pulling the strings was Producer, Glyn Johns – –  who was involved in so many of the iconic recordings of the 60’s and 70’s.

This recording was the first time the Little Feat musicians had played together since the creative main man, Lowell George had passed. For those that have Little Feat interests, it was amazing to find that Richie Hayward was at the time on his uppers, unemployed, turning up at the studio in a beat up old gas guzzler, drums in the back and NO Roadie! All the other session guys had their batmen to hand.


Storom Awst 2019

This is the second EP that Catrin Gerallt has recorded with Northlight, featuring 4 original songs in Welsh. They range from folk rock to classic ethereal Welsh folk, produced and arranged by Northlight at Hebden Bridge Underground Studios.

The 844s 2019

Hebden Bridge based 844s play original r’n”b, rock style material. with the occasional cover such as the classic Black Night, made famous by Charles Brown in 1951. This 5 song EP shows the range of their material and is a good sample of their now extensive back catalogue of songs. Plenty more where these come from.

Tuag Adre 2018

This is the first collaboration between Catrin Gerallt and Northlight. Catrin is known in Wales as a writer and broadcaster who works in both English and Welsh. This EP features original and traditional songs from Wales and Ireland

Notes on Desire Remix 2017

The original Notes on Desire, full album, was recorded, mixed and mastered in a wholly analogue studio and we felt that there were tunes that might benefit from a review. So we took 4 and give them a lick of paint which we think was time well spent!

From The Top 2016

A second EP again recorded with Steve and Wally again using the name The Happy Valley Collective. Just 2 original songs from Martin on this, one a new song , New Time and Place and a re working of an older song From The Top.

Love is The Only Way 2015

This EP was recorded with local musos and friends Steve Andrews and Richard “Wally” Woodcock, aka This was Martins first serious engagement with recording work for so many years. Recorded under the name of The Happy Valley Collective. Produced and arranged by Martin the EP has 4 songs all co written with friend Wally who engineered the recording. Steve provided many of the musical contributions.

Live Music

Helen Watson Band Live

Myself, Helen and harp master Clive Mellor started doing the blues circuit kicking of mainstage Burnley Blues. We enjoyed that scene but getting hot Manchester rhythm aces Snuff and Bo, drums n bass, helped to establish us on the UK Art Centre circuit. Despite being in the pre digital amp era we managed to pack down to the boot of a Peugeot 405 and from Aberdeen to Portsmouth we all travelled doing a mix of original – me and Helen tunes – plus relatively obscure and interesting covers. Twas a lovely band and right good fun as well as the best paying band Id served in!

Wild Blue Yonder

This band was the celtic soul band of Manchester in the early 90’s regulars at the Band on The Wall. With top jazz drummer Eryl Roberts, the twin telecasters of Jim Morrison and myself and the big voice of Tony Trundle we played all original material, myself, Jim and Tony, with a celtic soul feel. Sometimes we had the pleasure of a horn section supplied by Eryls jazz mates which added a sophisticated edge to proceedings.


Manchester was and is a great town for Irish trad, so many top musicians, Mike McGoldrick being the figurehead. So again in the early 90’s Skellig were doing the rounds with Tony master fiddler and vocals with guitar, pipes and citern.

The Crocodiles

So when you have a bit of time on your hands why not get back to basics and start a “beat” group doing covers of early 60’s rock and r’n’b standards.The Crocodiles ran their own weekly gig at the prestigious St Edwards Confraternity Club Mosside, real competition for the The Hacienda at the time, maybe!

Well Knit Frames

My first proper band in the sense of doing original material, developing a distinctive sound and style. Band broke up just before real interest came in from publishing companies. Its all about timing! Named after a famous Victorian swimmer called Mark Addie who had a ….Well Knit Frame!

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